2010–now TRIRT Software

Together with my husband we started a company to pursue our own ideas on web tools, productivity, writing, books, and maps.


A new web-based product aimed to facilitate writing and publishing structured data. Loosely based on the Checkvist concept.
Currently conducting user and product research through live user interviews

Written in Cafe

A digital guidebook about Prague and Prague cafe culture. A result of more than 90 blog posts (in Russian) from years 2017-2019.
Currently working on a website and hybrid web-apps

Checkvist mobile

A new modern mobile web-app that works offline on any mobile device.
The whole app is pure html5/js.


Started as a side-project some six years ago, this project is an experiment in UI minimalism and keyboard support in web-based tools. Online outliner is a productivity tool that comes in handy with writing, planning, brainstorming, and simply getting things done.

As a 1/2 of the team, I take care of design, technical communications, customer support, blog, and whatever else needed to run a large project with some 60 000 customers :)

2016–2017 4Finance IT

Spent 18 months working as a Lean UX Practitioner for a large international fintech startup. Among other challenges and achievments, the most valuable new skills for me became

#Lean_UX #communication #user_research #live_testing

2003–2013 JetBrains

Spent ten years starting and shaping online tools for a successful startup, which turned into a full-sized software development company.


Live server

An intelligent code browsing tool. Works in the browser, showing (and analyzing!) code, commits, annotations. Worked on a concept of a minimalistic UI with emphasis on code readability.

#information_architecture #concept #prototyping #html #css #js


Live server

An issue tracker with a search based interface: rich search query language and keyboard support lead to a simpler and more streamlined user interface.

#concept #wireframes #usability #research


Continuous integration server. A complex and very feature rich tool for tracking code quality in real time, under different platforms and environments. The tool is plugin friendly, so the main challenge considering UI was to group features and controls, and find a compromise between number of features and usability.

#information_architecture #UI_development #html #css #js #jsp #usability


My first and only (so far) experience with desktop tools. Omea was an information organiser, where tasks, mail, news, RSS feeds, and other types of information are happily mixed in one interface. Unfortunately the project was stopped and later open-sourced in 2005.

#information_architecture #paper_prototyping #wireframes

Initiated the first redesign as a usability engineer in 2003. Led the second redesign in 2004, and worked as a web-site team lead in 2005. Apart from wireframing, research and coding, took part in the online branding strategy, content management, email marketing.

#project_management #content_management #information_architecture #usability #research #css #html

before 2003 Prehistory

Worked as a translator, librarian, technical writer, content manager, travel agent. Together with Kirill Maximov promoted agile methodologies, published several translations of the agile classics into Russian:

Deadline, russian translation

Deadline, by Tom Demarco

Planning extreme programming, russian translation

Planning Extreme Programming, by Kent Beck & Martin Fowler

Business of software, russian translation

Business of Software, by Eric Sink

More translations: articles, book chapters, etc in our old blog,

What I am not

I'm not a graphic artist. This means I can't draw icons or logos or illustrations. Not yet, sorry.

I'm not a software developer. This means my coding skills are enough to create a live prototype in html/css/js, or polish the front-end, but that's pretty all I can do.

For hire

If you need a rapid elaboration, wireframing, research, prototyping of a new product idea, assistance with user assistance, or if you have a project that needs a usability evaluation or user interface optimization, we could work together. Let's talk!


Almost the same information, but in a more standard format.