I turn product ideas into testable hypothesis, UI mockups, copy, and test scenarios. I conduct analysis and customer interviews, using Lean UX methodology.


If I could summarise all my work experience into a few sentences of borrowed wisdom, that would be these three quotes from my favourite thinkers and software makers.

Life's too short for bad software—Peldi Guilizzoni, Balsamiq

Get out of building—Ash Maurya, Leanstack

Every project needs its own methodologyAlistair Cockburn


My name is Sasha Maximova, and I call myself a Lean UXer, a communicator, a product starter—and since this year, a digital publisher.

I've been creating online products for more than 20 years, specialising in web-based tools — like a continuous integration server, an issue tracker, an information organiser, an outliner, a financial app, to make just a few.

I love working with teams - developers, designers, financial risk management or marketing automation people. But my main focus is always a product and its customers. Digging out the real problems the product has, interviewing customers, prototyping and presenting and testing the changes - all to ensure the product success.

Very often a question of 'what to fix' in a product, or which feature to add, or is there a market need for the product at all, can determine the whole process of development. And very often this question is solved based on political games inside the company - or on sheer enthusiasm of the founders. My job is to take out the guesses and lay a solid ground of understanding what problems the users have and what kind of digital solution they need.

If you are facing the same problems, I'd be glad to contribute my bags of experience into your project. Let's talk!

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