Interactive travelogue—a new type of guidebook

We love reading about travel

For more than 1000 years travel writing is one of the most popular genres. Reading a travelogue is taking a trip with its author. In place and in time, usually. For me, Corfu island is what Gerald Darrell has written about his life there. To many Prague is Kafka, or Meyrink's Golem, or the round face of a good soldier Swejk.

But how many of us have taken Dumas 'Three Musketeers' to Paris? No, we read it only before or after, when we can't walk and experience the city ourselves.

We don't read guidebooks

We take a 'Lonely Planet' guide instead. But such guidebooks are not for reading, at least not for a pleasure of it. They are for planning trips and finding the way in strange places. They're full of maps, tips and tiny texts describing a horrible lot of places to visit.

But they are not a story. You don't sit in a cosy arm-chair sipping wine reading 'DK Eyewitness Travel Guide'. Usually you leaf through it in a hotel room or on the street.

Pleasure of reading and pleasure of travel, combined

Inspired by books, we travel in places fictional and real. So why not make a book our real guide? Why not take its content as an outline of a trip, and explore what's there—and beyond.

Imagine reading an e-book, enriched with maps, pictures of places old and new (so you can recognize in Paris of nowadays a house where D'Artagnan lived).

Imagine finding rich commentary right in the book, available at a single tap, but not interfering with the text you read.

Imagine creating a trip itinerary right in the book, sharing it with friends, adding your own notes and photos as you travel.

You might be an arm-chair traveller as well as a real globe trotter. Such interactive travelogues will give you more to explore, make reading deeper and travelling more interesting.

The plan

So, the plan is three-fold:

Want to know the news?

I wish I could immediately handle you our first book to read and try out the interactive 'mapping' part. But it's really easier said than done :) So far it's in the research phase.

Let's talk

Like-minded people are always welcome! If you know about similar project or resources, or if you have some thoughts you want to share let's talk!

Books we read. It all has happened somewhere. Fictional or not, historical or contemporary. It happens somewhere and you can trace the plot on the map. You can explore the same land, same streets, sometimes even houses, even apartments and bars. Read a book, mark the places of interest and create your own 'itinerary' for the next trip. Or travel in the arm-chair, equipped with more books and maps surrounding you in the circle of the floor lamp. Set on your feet through an unknown city and walk the paths of your favourite heroes. Look into the old photos or pictures, and compare them with the nowadays. Has it changed? Wrote your own tales, add photos, and share them with other readers. Let them see where have you been, what have you found. The books show us places and times, let them be our guides.